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These 14 EKU Students Took Summer Courses. Here's How It Benefited Them.

We all know that #EKUSummer is a great way to make up missed credits, get ahead or knock out a tough course. But what is the student experience like? To find out, we asked 14 students who have taken Summer courses what they thought. Here’s what they said:

EKU senior Aggie Williams

Aggie Williams, Senior, Chemistry

I had to do a semester of research for one of my scholarships. Doing it in the summer was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made, because not only did I get the one-on-one attention I needed, but it also made my application for graduate school stand out. I was able to focus more with fewer distractions. If you’re trying to improve your grades or brush up on a subject you’re not confident about, EKU Summer is great.

Chelsea Hays, Senior, Nursing

I had to complete one gen-ed class — social statistics — before I could begin my nursing classes in the fall. Taking a summer course was a wonderful way to get me on track to obtaining my BSN in a timely manner. It was very convenient to take this class online in the summer so I did not have the extra course load while taking the bulk of my classes during fall and spring.

EKU Student Abby Wright

Abby Wright, Junior, Homeland Security

I have to take summer classes for basketball, so I’ve fully taken advantage of being on campus. I have taken GEO 210, SPA 102 and ENG 101 all in the summer. This has helped me stay on the path to graduating on time. I also think summer is a good time to take a hard course because you get more attention from the professors since there are not as many students on campus.

Shawn Wright, Senior, Public Health

I took summer classes to help boost my GPA. I would recommend summer school to anyone, because it helps you finish school faster, and the smaller classes allow for a more comfortable learning environment.

EKU Student Cameron Carmical

Cameron Carmical, Freshman, Biomedical Science

I took a summer course to be able to stay on campus and work out for basketball, which allowed me to take a lighter workload in fall and spring. It speeds up your graduation process, especially if you’re limited in fall and spring by sports or other responsibilities.

Ciera Koons, Senior, Exercise Science

I took a tests and measurements course in the summer because the only other semester it was offered was fall, and I would have missed a lot of the classes due to volleyball. It allowed me to focus solely on the class, and getting it out of the way will let me graduate on time.

Saleh Binhameed, Senior, Public Relations EKU Student Saleh Binhameed

Summer school helped keep me on track with my classes and improved my GPA. If you want to graduate on time and keep following your dreams, take summer classes to achieve that goal.

Zach Charles, Senior, Sports Management

I took summer courses so I could get ahead and stay on track to graduate on time. I would definitely recommend taking summer courses. It’s an easy way to gain leverage for graduation!

EKU freshman Valerie ClarkValerie Clark, Freshman, Pre-Physical Therapy

I took Psych 205 the summer before I started my freshman year because it was the most interesting course pertaining to my major. Taking courses in the summer helped me get acclimated to college classes coming in as a freshman. I would recommend anyone take summer classes, especially as a freshman, because it helps you get adjusted sooner.

Bria Bass, Freshman, Nursing

My summer classes help me balance out school and basketball. It is very beneficial, especially to athletes or anyone who is limited during spring and fall in the number of credits they can take.

EKU senior Casey Hinton

Casey Hinton, Senior, Public Relations and Piano Performance

I took summer classes to get them out of the way, and to make up some hours from changing my major, which put me behind. I’ve done a lot of classes in summer — MUS 481, MUS 212, PUB 320, PUB 375, MGT 301, MAT 120, BIO 100 and MUH 272, which are gen eds or requirements for my double major. The smaller class sizes in summer are nice and allow for more individualized learning.

EKU senior Sarah Pigg

Sarah Pigg, Senior, Public Relations

I decided to take summer classes because I needed to catch up. I had previously failed a class and needed to retake it. I was also behind in my major coursework, so I knocked out a class over the summer so that I would be on track the following fall. Summer classes helped me feel like I was really doing something positive for myself and my education. I didn’t have to take those classes during the summer, but doing so helped me prove to myself that I take my education seriously and that I could do it if I set my mind to it.

Emmi Carroll, Senior, Public Relations

Summer has saved me time, stress and overall money. I took my internship during the summer because it is very time-consuming, and I could fulfill this internship in Cincinnati during the summer. I also took an online class for Social Media Marketing that was required for my major. Taking this course in the summer put me ahead so I could take a higher level course in the fall.

EKU Senior Madison Wood gives the 'Thumbs Up'

Madison Wood, Senior, Public Relations

I have taken speech, design and public relations courses in the summer. I took them so I would have more time during the fall and spring semester. Taking summer courses helped me advance my education by being able to graduate on time. Without summer courses, I would not be able to graduate in this spring. EKU Summer enabled me to graduate when I was originally supposed to.

Published on April 11, 2018

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