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How #EKUSummer Helped These 20 Students

EKU Summer -

#EKUSummer is a great way to make up missed credits, get ahead or knock out a tough course. But what is the student experience like? To find out, we asked 20 students who have taken Summer courses what they thought. Here’s what they said:

EKU Student Keeley Foley, sitting on a stair railingKeeley Foley, Senior, Career and Technical Education major

“Classes are smaller and shorter, and they allow you to focus more on one or two classes, compared the full course load I was used to having.”

EKU student Skylar Ellis sitting in an automobileSkylar Ellis, Freshman, History major

“I ended up failing some classes last semester … but because I had taken seven credit hours over the summer, I am still on track to be a sophomore in the fall. I'm looking into retaking those classes, but I like the fact that I am still on track.”

Steven Crowder, Sophomore, Applied Engineering Management major

“I took a summer course so that I could lighten the load for the fall semester but still stay on track to graduate within four years. Summer courses are generally better if you want more one-on-one time with your professor. I enjoyed my two summer courses because they allowed me to work at my pace so that I could really absorb the material.”

Rachel Burns, Sophomore, Forensic Chemistry major

“I would recommend other students take summer courses. Summer courses help students get ahead, stay focused on their education goals, and even get into popular classes that usually get full quickly. Summer courses can even help students graduate in less time which would save money for them in the long run.”

EKU student Mollie JohnsonMollie Johnson, Sophomore, Psychology major

“Last summer, I took classes through the Summer Bridge program. By taking them, I came into EKU as a transfer sophomore student and am on track to graduate a year early. I was also able to ease myself into taking classes, and learn how to get around campus easily. There were fewer students on campus and my class size was smaller so I was able to get more help with what I needed. I have already registered to take summer classes again.”

Katlyn Murphy, Senior, Computer Science major

“Since summer classes were much smaller, there was better help available. I felt like the professor was more involved because he was not juggling multiple classes at once. We could go at our own pace, and so could he.”

EKU Student Brenna PayneBrenna Payne, Junior, Biomedical Sciences major

“I have taken summer courses in the past and enjoy how continuing some education over the summer keeps my mind sharp. I took them last summer because I wanted to stay on track with my course calendar. Taking an easier course in the summer got a general education requirement out of the way. That way, come fall semester I could focus on strictly major courses.”

EKU student Cynthia RomineCynthia Romine, Junior, Social Work and Veteran Studies major

“For social work majors I absolutely would recommend summer classes. Being able to spend more time at your practicum agency during the semester really helps you learn about the agency, and helps you decide if that's the field you really want to start in.”

Adrienne Jones, Freshman, Psychology

“Campus was a lot quieter, which made it easier to focus. Since there's not a lot of people, the campus looks beautiful. Smaller classes also help you get to know your teacher.”

Ashley DeFisher, Senior, Nursing

“I enjoy summer classes more because I can focus on one class instead of multiple classes.”

EKU Student Delaney EubanksDelaney Eubanks, Sophomore, Pre-ASL English Interpreting major

“Summer gave me a chance to take classes I needed, but also gave me the chance to retake a class in the fall if I didn’t do well without being behind in my degree. I passed both my classes, but it gave me a fall semester back.”

Emilee Cannon, Senior, Agriculture Education major

“I was able to take a class that was more self-paced and did not require me to go to class every day. I feel like I was more able to learn and ask questions because the professor was not in a lecture hall of 30 to 40 students.”

Khalid Almuzayn, Senior, Communication Studies major

“Focusing on one subject is better than having to concentrate on multiple subjects. I think summer courses helped me understand those classes and helped me reach higher achievement.”

Hayley Burgett, Junior, Animal Studies major

“Summer enabled me to take more classes that I wouldn’t be able to take otherwise. I took some major-specific classes, and gained more knowledge.”

Hannah Thiessen, Senior, Marketing and Recreation and Parks Administration major

“It is much more relaxed to take a class in summer rather than fall, spring, or even winter. I had much more individualized time to work on my studies, and I felt I had a stronger relationship with the instructor.”

Amber Turner, Senior, Environmental Health Science major

“My experience in the Summer was amazing. I felt that my professor was able to give me a little more attention, and as a class, we could spend a little extra time on a subject we were all struggling with.”

Michaela Johnson, Senior, Nursing major

“I am able to graduate earlier than I thought I would, in May 2019, because I took two summer courses!”

EKU Student Michelle SandersMichelle Sanders, Senior, Homeland Security major

“Online summer courses was the best decision I made to help me academically. I fell behind my sophomore year and I needed an extra boost. By taking classes online, I could go on a vacation and still take my classes.”

EKU Student Chasity HobbsChasity Hobbs, Junior, Forensic Science Chemistry major

“In the fall or spring, I have to have 12 hours at least. So being able to take one class per eight weeks in the summer gave me the chance to just take one at a time (instead of four or five classes at a time). I have a better chance of understanding certain subjects when I can focus on just them.”

Elizabeth Watts, Special Education major

“After I switched my major, taking summer classes helped me get a head start in my new program. By having those classes done for the following fall and spring semester, I can focus on classes that are only offered in certain semesters.”

Published on April 19, 2019

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