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How #EKUSummer Helped This #ForeverColonel

EKU Summer -

Two-time EKU grad Kenny Byrd (‘95, ‘07) is a die-hard #EternalColonel. Since crossing the stage, he has had successful careers in law enforcement and sales. Read how #EKUSummer helped him get there.

Q: Which #EKUSummer classes did you take?

I took several classes and three total summer semesters. I took a public speaking class, a couple of my law enforcement classes — I think I took a class on drugs and crime — and a psychology class over the summer, like personality psychology, and a geology class.

Q: How did having those classes in the summer help you?

The public speaking course really helped me. When I was in high school starting college, I couldn't speak in front of a crowd. I don't claim to be some kind of politician now, but I'm not shy if I'm prepared to stand up and speak in front of a class. It made me a little more outgoing and got me out of my shell. Also, instead of 20 speeches, we did three in the summer. Then when I took the geology class, it was tough for me. But I did that one year where it was the only thing I took, so I could just focus on that. It would've been difficult to juggle that with some other stuff.

Q: What did taking #EKUSummer classes do for you?

It helped me graduate a semester early, and it helped me spread out my workload. I had one semester I didn't do as well because I tried to take 17 hours, work, have a girlfriend and a social life. There was just too much going on. The summer classes gave me a little slack to shave off some hours and graduate a little earlier.

Q: What is campus like in the summer?

Richmond's great around the summer, and the professors and everybody are pretty laid back. You can wear flip flops and shorts, and parking was a lot easier. Even though that summer course load was more intense, I wasn't as busy. I got into a routine and I could concentrate on those couple classes. I’ve had some issues with ADD and ADHD, but I came to the summer class every day and sat in the front of class. It really benefited me. It was almost like going to another university. I went to class with some students who lived in Richmond, but were going to Morehead, Western, UK, or somewhere else, and had come home and were taking courses. It almost feels like a smaller community college in the summer. That appeals to some people; they get a little intimidated by the big campus in the fall and spring. That might sort of help them acclimate.

Q: Would you recommend #EKUSummer to other students?

I really recommend summer classes for any student or student-athlete, because it really gives you a break and gives you slack. I do see the value in having maybe one summer where you work or do a work-study or something, too. But, I have nothing but positive things to say about #EKUSummer.

Published on April 12, 2019

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