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Get Ahead on Your Gen Eds

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Top Reasons You Should Take Gen Eds in the Summer

General education courses, or gen eds, are the building blocks of your degree. Gen Eds give you the opportunity to gain a wide variety of knowledge and skills to prepare for your future career and help you tackle the real world. But why should you take them in the summer? 

1. Get Ahead or Catch Up

By taking your general education courses throughout the summer, you can potentially get ahead on your coursework. This would allow you to take courses that correlate to your specific degree throughout the fall and spring semesters and could even help you graduate earlier than anticipated. Or, if you need to catch up, summer offers the perfect opportunity to focus on that challenging course and ensure you still graduate on time. 

2. Save Money

Summer courses are the last chance to get in on current year tuition rates. By taking advantage of current-year tuition rates,  you could save money in the long run by finishing your degree on time or early. The sooner you graduate and start your career, the faster you reap the rewards of your college investment. For 2022, EKU Summer courses start at $394 per credit hour for in-state undergraduate students and $417 per credit hour for online courses.  

3. Smaller Course Loads

Taking summer classes helps to ease your course load during a regular semester. You can take just one course or a few over the summer. Regardless, you’re getting closer to your finished degree. If you struggle with juggling a big course load through the regular semesters, summer courses can significantly help you manage your school schedule. 

4. Flexible Course Options

Have plans this summer? Take the courses you need without interfering with jobs, vacation, or other summer commitments. EKU Summer offers several course formats and options to work with your schedule. Choose from various six- and eight-week terms and traditional, web-blended, or 100% online courses.

5. FREE Books

Thanks to the EKU BookSmart program, undergraduate students get FREE textbooks and required course materials. EKU is committed to help diminish the barriers between students and higher education. By taking gen eds this summer and getting your textbooks for free, you can save significant amounts of money. 

See what gen ed courses are available EKU this summer, and register today. 

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Published on March 09, 2022

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