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Ask a Professor! #EKUSummer Q & A with Michael Bradley

EKU Summer -

What better way to learn what #EKUSummer is really like than to ask a professor? Michael Bradley is an associate professor in the recreation and parks administration department. This summer, he will be teaching REC 350 (Supervision of Rec Personnel), REC 463 (Rec Internship), and REC 530 (Park Management). His life goal? To catch a fish bigger than himself.

Q: What do you enjoy about teaching classes in the summer?

A: I enjoy the flexibility for the students to knock out some credits, get some cool experiences, or both.

Q: Do you feel you are able to give your students more individualized attention in the summer?

A: I certainly think it's different. I try to be attentive to students needs all the time. However, summer course students are typically more active and involved, making it easier to mentor them. I think the course type and student type are just different, making things more streamlined.

Q: Do you find that students tend to focus more easily in the summer?

A: Absolutely. I think students are taking fewer classes and have more focus. I also think they choose classes they want, and choosing something that they are serious about succeeding in.

Q: What types of classes do you recommend students choose to take in summer?

A: I say take courses that help you out, or get some unique experiences. For example, our REC 530 course is a park management class. We visit parks, talk with professionals, engage in service learning, and so much more! It’s a great course. The students love it.

Q: Why should students choose to study in the summer?

A: I tell students there are two reasons to take summer courses: One is to knock out some credits. This makes your other semesters easier and helps expedite your entire academic career. I have had students graduate one or two semesters early! The other is to take summer courses that have a travel component. Whether it is studying abroad or simply studying with some local experiences, it allows students to engage in a different way. Take a course that takes you somewhere; see someplace new; learn!

Published on April 23, 2019

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