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11 Common-Sense Reasons to Enroll this Summer at EKU

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Chances are, you have already thought about all the things you are you going to do this summer, and school is probably at the bottom of the list. However, more and more students are working through the summer to catch up or get ahead on their education, and they find the EKU Summer schedule so flexible that they don’t even have to cancel their plans. Here are 11 reasons students choose to study online or on-campus at EKU in the summer.

Quicker path to graduation

Taking just one or two courses in the summer can help you graduate in four years. That’s a big deal! A growing number of students can only take 12 credit hours per semester in spring and fall, which is technically full time, but three hours less than what’s needed to graduate in four years. Summer is the perfect time to make up those missed credits.

Lighter course load for working students

For many students, working while going to school is a necessity. Summer allows you to spread out your course load so you won’t feel overwhelmed with work and school. No one wants to feel like they are drowning in school, so don’t stress yourself out by taking a ton of classes all at once.

Financial savings

It’s actually cheaper to take two summer terms of school than it is to add an additional year to your schooling. Plus, it may be easier and less expensive to find used books and materials during the summer months while they are not in high demand. For more information, visit our Financial Aid home page.

Shorter terms

You ever feel like semesters never end? Summer at EKU does, and you decide when. We offer three different summer sessions: 6 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks session, versus our fall and spring semesters that are 16 weeks each. Who doesn’t want to get the same education in a shorter period?

Get ahead in your coursework (or catch back up!)

English, math… ugh. Get those annoying gen-eds knocked out this summer so that you can crack down on your major come fall. Or, if you didn’t do so hot in a class during your previous semester and need to catch up, there’s no better time.

Quieter learning environment

Introverts unite! In the summer, the campus is quieter and classes are smaller, meaning you get the ability to know your professors better and have the opportunity to connect with them more. Or, if you choose to take classes online, you never even have to leave your room. Score!

Add a minor or certificate

Maybe you are the person who really wanted to add another minor. Or maybe you need to get a certificate but don’t have time between school, work, and family. Either way, you’re a go-getter, and that’ll pay off with your future employer. Tack on that extra coursework in the summer!

Harder courses

Is there one tough class that you just know is going to take a lot of your attention and effort? Single that one out, take it in summer, dedicate all of your focus to it and pass it like a champ.

Easier transfer

Transferring to EKU from another university or community college? Taking classes in summer will help you acclimate to EKU’s curriculum at your own pace. It will also help you make up any course requirements from classes that don’t transfer.


You know what would be the worst? Taking summer classes somewhere else only to find out your credits don’t transfer to your university. It happens. By taking classes at EKU and consulting with your academic advisor, there is no question your classes will count toward your degree.

Opportunity to explore

If you haven’t decided on a major yet, don’t let that stop you from taking summer classes! Use them as an opportunity to learn subjects that sound interesting to you. Doing so may help you finally decide what you want to be when you grow up!

Published on February 13, 2018

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