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10 #EKUSummer Classes You Can Still Enroll In

Two students walking on sidewalk during summer.The Summer II session is almost here, which means Colonels who have been thinking about taking summer classes don’t have long to act. This late in the game, some classes are full, but there are plenty with space still available.

Make progress on your major or minor, complete a Gen Ed or elective, or simply explore a new topic! There is no shortage of interesting things to learn, from animal husbandry to screenwriting to data security on mobile devices.

Here are 10 popular courses that still have plenty of room for more students:

ANS 350 - Animal Enrichment: Cross-Listed as PSY 350.

This course covers the concept and practice of animal enrichment. Students will learn about the theoretical and applied aspects of enrichment and will acquire experience designing and implementing enrichment. Credit will not be awarded to students who have credit for PSY 350. Prerequisite: ANS 200 or PSY 200.

APP 200 - Intro to Appalachia

This is an introduction to the interdisciplinary study of the Appalachian region. The course places special emphasis on the region's place in a national and global context, and on internal and external definitions of the region. Fulfills Gen. Ed. VII and Element 5B and 6.

BEM 353W - Art and Craft of Screenwriting

Learn about conceiving, structuring, writing and marketing the contemporary American screenplay. This course requires developing and writing original screenplays for marketing in the contemporary film environment. Credit will not be awarded for both BEM 353W and BEM 353. Prerequisite: ENG 101 and 102 ( or 105 (B)) or HON 102.

CSC 310 - Data Structures

Study the application and implementation of data structures, including arrays, stacks, queues, linked lists and trees. Explore internal searching and sorting techniques and the analysis of algorithms. Prerequisites: CSC 191 and CSC 195 with a minimum grade of C in both.

HEA 315 - Issues in Health and Disease

Etiology, effects, remediation, and prevention of disease. Nature of health and environmental issues and forces which shape them.

INF 318 - Mobile Device Security and Privacy

Formerly CSC 318, INF 318 is an introductory course on mobile device security and privacy. You will learn about mobile device threats; mobile device security, including planning and implementation; and mobile device privacy. Credit will not be awarded to students who have credit for CSC 318. Prerequisite: A grade of "C" or higher in ENG 102, 105(B) or HON 102.

MAE 202 - Mathematical Concepts P-9

Concepts beyond algorithmic computation are emphasized in this course. Topics include rational numbers (fractions, decimals and percent), real numbers, probability and statistics. Prerequisites: MAT 112 or higher and MAE 201 with a grade of "C" or higher

PHI 110 - Beginning Philosophy

PHI 110 is a basic introductory course in philosophy. You will consider perennial questions of the human experience, especially questions about reality, knowledge, self, values and religious belief. Credit will not be awarded to students who have credit for PHI 110W. Fulfills Gen. Ed. Element 3B.

PHY 132 - College Physics II

Learn an algebra- and trigonometry-based approach to electromagnetic phenomena, including electric forces and fields, simple DC circuits, magnetic forces and fields, magnetic induction, and optics. Credit will not be awarded to students who have credit for PHY 202. 6 Lec/Lab. Prerequisite: PHY 131 or departmental approval.

WGS 201 - Intro to Women and Gender Studies

Explore this introduction to the interdisciplinary field of women and gender studies and feminist scholarship. WGS 201 provides an overview of the diversity of women’s experiences, images and issues from a wide variety of disciplinary perspectives. Fulfills Gen. Ed. Element 6

If you need one of these classes, or one of the dozens of others with open seats, register now! Check out all available classes by using the Class Schedule Search

Published on June 13, 2019

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